What Sets Us Apart

Assisting Our Patients Achieve Oral Health for a Lifetime

For Dr. Lisa J. Murray and our team, dentistry is about serving others, one person at a time. We want our patients to enjoy a lifetime of beautifully healthy, functional, and attractive smiles – and to achieve those results in a manner that works for the individual.

Ours is a people-oriented practice, where we prioritize each person’s unique situation: your expectations, concerns, comfort, and wellbeing are important to all of us.

Please be assured we are non-judgmental, don’t lecture, and will meet you where you are. There is no guilt-trip or sales pitch, ever. Instead, we work to build trusting communication, respectfully listening to and engaging with you in order to understand what you want from us.

This is your life, your health, and your smile: we put you in charge!

Ethical, Empathetic Dentistry

Dr. Murray and our team are dedicated to honest dental care. We are grounded and realistic straight-shooters who know that the dental office is not a place many people want to visit. We also know that many times people don’t want to hear what we have to say and we get that. This is where we connect:

We know people usually don’t like getting dental work so we let them know we can help, if that’s what they want.

Your New Patient Appointment

Scheduled for a full hour, your first appointment with Dr. Murray is broken into four parts:

  • It starts with a conversation. She’ll ask what brought you in, and learn about your oral and overall health history, dental hygiene routine, ask about clenching or grinding and, most important, if you have any fears or anxieties.
  • Then, making sure you are comfortable in the dental chair, the doctor and team will update any necessary X-rays and Dr. Murray will perform an oral cancer exam. This is followed by a full dental charting of existing restorative work, checking your gums, and taking a full set of intraoral photos. Throughout the exam – and during any and all treatment – you can stop the process if you are uncomfortable.
  • Dr. Murray will then review the X-rays and photos with you, explaining her findings, showing you areas of concern, and walking you through the implications. She will then ASK if want to do anything about these problems. If you do, she will review the options to correct issues, talking about the pros and cons, expected outcome, what she recommends and why, and inviting and answering all of your questions. You are given all knowledge you need, in an accessible manner, to make informed decisions about your dental health. You decide when and how to proceed, with no pressure. If you want to wait and think things over, that is okay. We will schedule treatment when you are ready.
  • After this time with Dr. Murray, you will move into a hygiene appointment with our Registered Dental Hygienist. In addition to a thorough and gentle cleaning, the hygienist will record a full periodontal exam. Dr. Murray, the hygienist, and you will discuss your gum health and develop a treatment plan to address those needs, as well.

Learn More

Dr. Murray and our team welcome the opportunity to meet and speak with you. We’d like to become your partners as you achieve optimal oral health and maintain that wonderful smile, for life!

Please contact our South Hamilton, MA dental office, serving Wenham, Beverly, Ipswich, and surrounding communities, to request an appointment with Dr. Murray, today!