Hooray for May

Time is flying by this year and we can hardly believe we are already in May. As the weather starts to heat up, our calendars seem to be filling up in return! With so many fun events going on this month such as Mother???s Day, National Teacher???s Day, and the return of summer activities, we thought we???d take a few minutes and share a bit of our May agenda with all of you.
Our team is always working toward providing the best service possible for our wonderful patients! Dr. Murray just returned from Arizona where she attended a workshop with Spear Education learning about phasing treatment for complex cases. On top of that, our whole team is heading to Washington, D.C. the first week of May for a team building conference with Pride Institute. We can???t wait!
In honor of National Teacher???s Day, we encourage you to tell a special teacher in your life that you appreciate them! For most people, teachers are an integral part of shaping who you become, and a great teacher is not only someone who helps you learn, but also someone who you can relate to. Dr. Murray???s second grade teacher, Mrs. MacMillian, stands out in her mind because she made her students feel at ease and comfortable in her classroom. When she was in college, her biology professor, Dr. Sutherland, was also a favorite!
Now that it???s May, we can???t wait for the official arrival of summer in June! Nothing beats spending a sunny day outside, enjoying the warmth of a relaxing summer breeze now and again. We love being active when the weather permits, but taking some time to simply relax is always appreciated. We love feeling the warm sun on our skin while enjoying a good book on the beach, listening to the waves roll in.
When the weather isn???t so great, however, we find that indulging in something sweet is the perfect way to wind down after a long day. Tiramisu and cannoli are among our favorite treats! Of course, we always make sure to brush and floss after every indulgence to keep our teeth healthy and clean.
Last but certainly not least, we want to wish all the amazing moms out there a very happy Mother???s Day! This is a day to spend quality time with Mom, showering her with love. Dr. Murray is taking her mom out for lunch and ice cream and loves any time they can get together. Let us know what your family did for Mother???s Day next time you???re in the office!

We hope you have a wonderful rest of the month and we will see you in the office soon!